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Cheque Bounce Cases
Cheque Bounce law is most important law in Indian Constitution. It comes under the section of 138 of Indian Constitution which is not consider as criminal act but conduct as a criminal act. In thi situation, You need to banking and check bounce lawyer who is experinced and could understand your case.

Steps of cheque bounce case:-

If any cheque is bounced, a notice has to be sent to the opposite party within 30 days from the date of memo accompanying the bounced cheque is received from the Bank.

The notice by the holder of the cheque should claim the amount for which the cheque has been bounced, providing 15 days to settle the matter.

The opposite party has 15 days from the receipt of the notice to settle the matter and no cause of action arises till the expiry of these 15 days or if paid within this specified period.

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